Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Turkish officials report bird flu outbreak in Village

Jan 22 - Turkish authorities are reporting that the bird flu virus has infected chickens in a village in the northern Black Sea region.

Authorities are unsure if it’s the H5N1 form of the virus.

The virus was found among dead chickens that were collected from Saz village in Zonguldak province on Saturday and following examinations the bird flu virus was detected, the Agriculture Ministry said in a statement.

“All necessary measures have been taken around Saz village,” it said without giving details.

In an interview on Kanal 24 television, Muzaffer Aydemir, the Agriculture Ministry’s General Director of Protection and Control, said that the village has been put
under quarantine and all animal trade in the area has been halted.

He said the authorities had not begun culling poultry in the region because the case looks like a limited one.

“This is a very limited case. Only spotted in chickens of a citizen who hunts wild birds. We are sure that the virus passed to the chickens from wild birds,” Aydemir said.

He said the area surrounding the village was disinfected, but no other cases have been reported so far.

Consumers should not stop buying poultry products, he said and 12 teams of veterinary and other experts were working in the area to stop the disease spreading.

Source used in this avian influenza story: Reuters

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