Monday, April 09, 2007

Pakistan reports new cases of bird flu in 2 provinces

KARACHI, April 9 (Reuters) - Pakistan reported new bird flu cases on Monday in commercial poultry farms in the southern province of Sindh and in North West Frontier Province, a government official said.

“Two to three days back we found traces of H5N1 virus in small poultry farms in Sindh and NWFP,” Mohammad Afzal, Commissioner for Livestock at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, told Reuters.

“We have culled all the birds at these farms and disinfected the area.”

He said some 300 to 350 birds had been culled at one farm but did not say how many H5N1 cases of bird flu had been discovered.

Afzal asid quarantine and vaccination measures were also being used in and around the affected farms.

Bird flu story source: Reuters Alertnet

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