Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Man Investigated For Causing Siberian Bird Flu Outbreak

MOSCOW (AP)--A man who allegedly flouted a ban on hunting wildfowl is being investigated to find out whether he is responsible for an outbreak of bird flu in a Siberian village, emergency response officials said Wednesday. Eighty-six chickens in the village of Maksimovka, in the Omsk region, have died suddenly in recent days.

Epidemiologists confirmed the cause was bird flu, although it has not been determined whether it was the H5N1 strain - which can be fatal to humans - the Omsk regional branch of the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

Emergency officials have established a quarantine in the village and 1,500 chickens there have been vaccinated against the disease, the press service said. According to the ITAR-Tass news agency, one of the villagers had ignored the ban on hunting connected with bird flu shooting several ducks, which had started an outbreak at his farm.

However, that claim is still under investigation, the ministry press service said. Russia recorded its first cases of bird flu in Siberia in July, and has registered no cases of human infection.

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The Associated Press

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