Monday, June 05, 2006

Increased bird flu risk in the Bulgaria-Romania border region

Romanian veterinary services are denying there are any bird flu cases in Giurgiu – one of the towns on the Romanian-Bulgarian border, in close proximity to Bulgaria’s Rousse.

The BGNES news agency quoted Atanas Atanasov, from the veterinary service in Rousse, as saying that the potential risk of bird flu spreading in the town resulted in further tightening of the border. All drivers and vehicles passing through the Rousse border checkpoint are now subjected to obligatory disinfection.

Veterinary experts in Bulgaria said that so far they had not registered any bird flu cases or signals of infected or dead birds.

Romanian officials have also tightened border control, The Sega newspaper said. Traffic in the Giurgiu region has been restricted. Although veterinary experts in Romania have imposed disinfection and quarantine measures near the border, they have so far refrained from officially informing Bulgaria of any increased bird flu risk.

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