Thursday, May 24, 2007

Form of bird flu found in Wales

Authorities confirmed an outbreak of bird flu in Wales today, but said it was not the H5N1 strain, which is potentially deadly to humans and has caused scares elsewhere in the past.

Wales’s chief veterinarian Christianne Glossop told a news conference that tests had confirmed the presence of the H7N2 strain of bird flu at a farm in Denbighsire, North Wales.

“While we are taking it very seriously, this is a low pathogenic avian flu,” she said at the Cardiff news conference.

The farm owners bought 15 chickens two weeks ago, all of which have since died, she said.

Thirty other chickens and two geese at the farm were being slaughtered today and a one kilometre restriction zone was put in place around the farm, preventing poultry from being brought in or out of the area.

Two people associated with the farm who have shown flu symptoms are receiving flu medication as a precaution, but are not believed to be in danger.

Bird flu story source : Irish Times

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