Saturday, June 10, 2006

“Enforced” Bird Flu Strain Found in Hungary

The EC has said that a H5 highly pathogenic strain of bird flu had been found in a domestic flock of geese in Hungary.

Samples will be sent to the European Union’s reference laboratory for avian flu in Weybridge, near London, for further tests to determine whether it is the deadly H5N1 strain.

The Hungarian authorities found the infected flock in Bacs-Kiskun in southern Hungary. Cases of highly pathogenic bird flu were detected in wild birds earlier this year in this county.

The European Union’s executive arm said officials have slaughtered all 2,300 geese in the flock and are also culling poultry and ducks within a one kilometre radius of the site in Bacs-Kiskun.

Rigorous control and monitoring of other holdings in the surrounding area is being carried out. A high risk area has been established around the outbreak with a 3 km protection zone and 10 km surveillance zone.

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