Monday, July 23, 2007

Egyptian woman diagnosed with bird flu

CAIRO (AFP) - A 25-year-old woman from northern Egypt has been diagnosed as having contracted the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus, the health ministry announced on Sunday.

Naima Abdu Gamil from the coastal town of Damietta went to her local hospital Saturday complaining of high temperature, ministry spokesman Abdel Rahman Shaheen told the official MENA news agency.

She was diagnosed as having contracted bird flu and was sent to Cairo where she is being treated with Tamiflu, he said.

Gamil had been working with domestic poultry which had exhibited symptoms of the disease. Others in her family are now being tested.

She became the 38th case of the virus reported in Egypt since the first outbreak was announced in February 2006.

Egypt’s geographical location on major bird migration routes and the widespread practice of keeping domestic fowl near living quarters have led to it being the hardest-hit country outside of Asia.

The government says it is conducting a vigorous campaign to combat the spread of the virus through vaccinations and raising awareness, but cases continue to appear.

Bird flu story source: AFP

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