Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bulgaria Lifts Bird Flu Quarantine

Agricultural officials will declare August 10 the end of the twenty-one-day quarantine, imposed in a southern Bulgaria region to prevent the spread of bird flu virus.

Experts from the reference laboratory for avian flu are expected to arrive on Thursday in the village of Slunchogled, the region of Kurdzhali, where the infection, a combination of Newcastle disease and bird flu, was detected last month. They will take samples from a ten-kilometre area, surrounding the village.

It was not immediately clear whether the migratory bird hunting in the bird flu-hit region will be allowed with the launch of the new season August 12. Reports say hunting there will be allowed only for research and after receiving a National Veterinary Institute written permit.

Some 1,500 domestic birds were killed in the middle of July in Slanchogled.

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