Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bird flu revealed at another Czech farm

Prague- Bird flu was discovered at a broiler farm in Norin, east Bohemia, and tests confirmed it is the highly dangerous H5N1 strain, Roman Linek, deputy governor of the region, told journalists today.

“The virus H5N1 was confirmed at 9:45 this morning,” Linek said.

Norin is located four kilometres(2.5 miles) from Tisova where the first Czech case of the H5N1 strain of bird flu among bred poultry was revealed at a turkey farm last week.

Both farms, Tisova and Norin, are owned by the same agriculture company.

Tests proved bird flu in 60 cases at the Norin farm with 27,800 broilers.

The turkeys bred at Tisova got infected through hay litter, while the broilers allegedly got into indirect contact with a carrier of the virus, man or bird.

Same as in Tisova, the poultry at the Norin farm will be culled and liquidated, the area disinfected and strict measures applied in the vicinity.

The first bird flu case in the Czech Republic was discovered in March 2006. Since then another 14 cases of swans living in the wild have been registered.

Bird flu story source: Czech News

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