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Bird flu deaths in Turkey confirmed

January 4, 2005

Health officials in Turkey have confirmed that a 14-year-old boy died from bird flu on Sunday, making it the first fatal case of the deadly virus outside Asia.

Update January 6, 2005
A Turkish girl has died from bird flu, days after her brother and sister died from the disease.

The girl, 11, who lived on a poultry farm in eastern Turkey, was being treated in hospital after her siblings became infected with bird flu.
The cases are the first human deaths from bird flu outside Asia, where the virus has killed more than 70 people.

Some 25 people are being treated across Turkey for bird flu-like symptoms, according to reports.

Update January 5, 2005
A second bird flu fatality occurred Thursday in the eastern province of Agri in Turkey, where a 15 year old girl passed away after her brother died from the same disease on Wednesday. The Turkish Anadolu Agency quoted officials in the hospital where the two children died as saying that two other children from the same family have been diagnosed with bird flu and remain under treatment.
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Doctors at a state hospital in Van, eastern Turkey, had initially given the cause of death for teenager Muhammed Ali Kocyigit as a lung infection linked to pneumonia.

But further tests showed that the youth, from the remote town of Dogubeyazit near Turkey’s borders with Iran and Armenia, had died of avian influenza.

His sister has also tested positive for the disease, Health Minister Recep Akdag said on Wednesday.

“Two patients (including the dead teenager) have tested positive, and there is another suspected case,” Mr Akdag said.

The suspected third case is the third of the four siblings hospitalised in Van on Saturday, the minister said.

All of them “lived in the same home along with diseased chickens and ate them,”
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