Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bird droppings are long term avian influenza hosts

Studies suggest that the H5N1 virus can survive for 30 days in bird droppings during cold weather (less then 40 degrees Fahrenheit), and at least a week in warm weather(greater then 98 degrees Fahrenheit).  Which is leading some experts to believe that bird droppings alone could account for most of the spread of avian influenza.

Most of the cases so far have come from small backyard flocks chickens. Symptoms vary, but pretty closely match symptoms from the normal flu (if any flu can be called normal). The biggest difference so far is that with the H5N1 strain, those affected have developed pneumonia and multi-organ dysfunction, notably involving the kidney and heart. The incubation period varies from two to eight days sometimes up to 17 where the incubation period for the “normal” flu is around 2 to 3 days. 

Posted by john T. on 01/24 at 07:25 PM
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