Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bangladesh culls more bird flu infected chickens

DHAKA, Feb 16 (Reuters) - Veterinary workers have started culling some 150,000 chickens infected with bird flu in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka on Saturday, officials said

“The culling of a huge number of chickens has just started and it may take until Sunday afternoon to complete the task,” a Livestock Department official told Reuters.

Officials said bird flu has spread to 42 out of 64 districts since it was first detected in the Dhaka region last March.

The H5N1 virus was quickly brought under control through aggressive measures, including culling, before re-emerging in January.

The government has raised compensation for poultry farmers to encourage the farmers to report and kill sick birds to help to stamp out the outbreak.

As of Friday more than 600,000 birds have been culled in Bangladesh since March 2007.

Sources used in this bird flu story: Reuters

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