Monday, December 26, 2005

Avian Influenza Vaccine Tamiflu Isolated Immunities

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

  Another instance of the often touted vaccine for Avian Influenza, Tamiflu, was useless in the treatment of a Vietnamese girl. She developed a strain of Avian Influenza that is resistant to the drug after being given a prophylactic (Acting to defend against or prevent something, especially disease), dose of the drug after experiencing mild influenza symptoms.

  This means that Avian Influenza is now mutating at a rapid pace. And the Tamiflu that most governments and organizations have started to stockpile have an even greater chance of not doing what they were intended to do, vaccinating people against the Avian Influenza strains that in some cases are deadly to humans.

  Numerous news media releases and WHO(World Health Organization), released snippets of news that there are other vaccines in the works but it will take time to test them all and produce enough stockpiles of the vaccine to put a dent in any Pandemic.

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