Avian influenza site description and bird flu primer.

If you reached our avian influenza site from one of the search engines and the bird flu article, you searched for, is not on our front page, just click on the “Search Site” button at the top of our page and type in the information you are looking for.

Our site has hundreds, if not thousands, of bird flu related articles and we only display the first 10 on our front page, the rest are listed on other pages, it would be to your advantage to search our site.

As you view our site please keep the following in mind.

  1. Avian influenza is the scientific name for bird flu.
  2. H5N1 is the version of bird flu that can pass from bird to human.

Our site is laid-out in the following manner.

  • The left column has bird flu articles and maps.

  • The center column is our blog related to the bird flu, we will post breaking news for discussion.

  • The right column has breaking news links(updated every 30 minutes), blog archives and a mailing list request form.

  • The bird flu den is a forum related to bird flu rumors, plans etc.

  • As our site grows we will be adding more content. New enhancements will be listed in this section as they are added. If you would like to see something on this site send your suggestions to .

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    Posted by john T. on 04/14 at 05:11 AM
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