Bird flu mania
Posted: 22 January 2006 06:24 PM  
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Well it’s been almost a month since the first reported outbreaks of avian influenza, aka bird flu, in Turkey. So far there have been four confirmed deaths due to the bird flu and about 21 infections, in Turkey anyway. Been lots of rumors floating around which is usual when something like this starts.

So far at least there haven’t been any recent human cases in the US. I say recent because there was one case that was eventually diagnosed in New York, it was the H7n1 strain and the infected person recovered without any ill effects.There have been a few cases of avian influenza in birds over the past few years. Luckily for us and the rest of the world there have been zero cases of human to human infection.

With the winter months now here in force we might see a few more cases yet. We have an article at the main site about cases of the bird flu in North America if you want to read more about it.